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Weight loss

We have multiple treatments to assist with weight loss and are the only Canberra practitioner for the UltraLite program. In addition to the UltraLite weightloss system we offer: 


UltraLite is a naturopath designed, nutritionally balanced weightloss system which can help you lose weight quickly and safely. UltraLite has been helping people reclaim their health with this clinically proven ketogenic diet program for over 20 years. You can claim health fund rebates from most insurers for your Ultra Lite program. Check the website for more details

What is UltraLite?
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Not sure what treatment is for you?

We offer free consultations because we understand there is a lot to consider when deciding what treatments are best for you. Many of our treatments are complimentary and done in the right sequence with proper pre and post care will give you better results. Book a free consultation today.

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