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Non-surgical facial contouring

Face endermologie®

Target those trouble spots: forehead, eye wrinkles, eye puffiness and dark circles, mouth, double chin, facial contours, neck, décolleté, and hands with Face endermologie®. Endermologie is a 100% natural, non-invasive, non-aggressive mechanical skin stimulation technique that reactivates cells’ processes. It boosts the natural synthesis of essential rejuvenating substances with visible results from the first session. 

Facial fillers

Dermal fillers are also an effective way to contour the face without surgery. You can read more about dermal filler on our 'Face and lip fillers' page.


Face endermologie® boosts the natural synthesis of essential rejuvenating substances

+80% Hyaluronic acid

* HUMBERT P. et al. Clinical Interventions in Aging 2015 : 10,1-17.

The face is visibly slimmer, and its volumes are more balanced
The endermologie solution

In contrast to a lot of the techniques available on the market, LPG® endermologie offers a 100% natural alternative: stimulating dormant cellular activity within our skin to fight all unaesthetic manifestations (wrinkles, sagging skin, localized resistant fat, cellulite appearance, and more). The mechanical stimulation of cells, called endermologie®, thus reactivates their awakening naturally and painlessly.

Endermologie for the face

Acting like a real skin workout, the motorized flaps awaken the natural synthesis of essential rejuvenating substances.This cell stimulation then helps fibroblasts(rejuvenating cells) to boost their production of collagen (firmness), elastin (suppleness), and hyaluronic acid (volume and hydration), naturally present in our skin.

Popular treatments​
Reduce the double chin

Double chin is hardly aesthetically pleasing, and it affects both men and women of all ages: it distorts your facial features and make your face heavier. It is generally caused by the accumulation of fatty masses, but can also arises as a side effect of sagging skin, due to reduced synthesis of natural collagen and elastin fibers.

How we contour the face 

Using the different settings of the LPG®, treatment head, the endermologie® technique stimulates adipocytes (fat cells) to efficiently release the fat stored there. This technique also helps to redraw the contours of the face with a firming action that has a tightening effect.

All face endermologie treatments

Gently exfoliates and reactivates microcirculation to even out the complexion and improve skin brightness​


Drains toxins and “reoxygenates” the skin for a purified, radiant complexion​

Décolleté & Bust 

Redensifies tissue, fills in wrinkles, and firms skin for a visibly smooth décolleté​

Age-defying replumping, firming, refining 

Harmonizes face volumes, restores skin density while filling out wrinkles and fine lines from within​

Skin Awakening

Unifies skin complexion, tightens pores and smoothes out face and neck wrinkles with a "new skin" effect​

Cellular Stimulation 

Drains toxins, lightens the complexion, refines skin texture while smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles on the face, neck and hands ​

Perfect Eyes & Lips 

Smoothes wrinkles around the eyes and mouth, lifts the eyelids to enhance the look and replumps the lips

Not sure what treatment is for you?

We offer free consultations because we understand there is a lot to consider when deciding what treatments are best for you. Many of our treatments are complimentary and done in the right sequence with proper pre and post care will give you better results. Book a free consultation today.

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