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Skin care

Optimise treatment results with pre and post skin care

Home care solutions are a critical piece of every treatment solution. We offer inclinic treatments as well as take home products from Jan Marini Skin Research (JMSR). Jan Marini is Australia's leading manufacturer of medically validated skin care and aesthetic products for the professional marketplace.


Take-home products

Cleanse, rejuvenate, resurface, hydrate, and protect your skin with our leading Jan Marini (JM) skin research product range. No other skincare line will give you the immediate clinical results and long-term usability of these products. The key products are simple to use with a 5-product 'Skin Care Management System'. Each step represents an application for improving skin health, well-being, texture, tone and luminosity.

Jan Marini Skin Research
Skin care management system

Rapidly improve the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles, uneven texture and sun-damage with the 8 time consecutive "Best Anti-Aging Skin Care System". Includes: Bioglycolic Cleanser 240ml; C-Esta Serum 30ml; Retinol Plus 30ml; Peptide Extreme 30ml; Antioxidant Daily Face Protectant 60ml

Screenshot 2018-08-22 13.56.27.png
Marini BioShield

Post-procedure formula that hydrates and protects the skin to enhance recovery while reducing visible social downtime. This patented, silicone-based, non-petrolatum formulation with targeted growth factors, peptides and anti-inflammatory agents provides an occlusive, oil-free matte-finish for superior wearability and satisfaction. Designed for immediate use following chemical peel treatments.

Not sure what treatment is for you?

We offer free consultations because we understand there is a lot to consider when deciding what treatments are best for you. Many of our treatments are complimentary and done in the right sequence with proper pre and post care will give you better results. Book a free consultation today.

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