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Medical spa treatments

Celebrity-like flawless skin

Every wonder how celebrities emanate a kind of glow and radiance that seems to come from within? This type of look can’t be achieved through makeup alone. That’s where science and our medical facial procedures come in to bring you celebrity-like flawless skin. With so many different products and procedures available we recommend you come for a free consultation where we will assess your skin, listen to your concerns and create a treatment plan tailored to your budget. To maximise results and for rapid recovery we can also recommend pre/post care products to suit your needs.  


Clear + Brilliant is a 30 minute in-clinic laser skin treatment with minimal downtime, perfect for anyone who wants to significantly refresh their skin, or prevent the signs of ageing. It uses fractional laser technology to reveal fresh, smooth, glowing skin, replacing damaged skin with healthy, younger looking tissue.


Unlike other treatments, Clear + Brilliant is suitable for all skin types, comfortable, fast, effective and affordable. The busy person who wants results with pigmentation, dull skin, open pores and dehydration will find Clear + Brilliant a perfect fit. 

Visit the Clear + Brilliant website to find out more.

Professional peels

We offer professional skin peels to uncover radiant, youthful skin in minutes. Peels can helps improve skin texture, age spots. fine lines and wrinkles, skin tone and overall sun damage. 


Our two step system combines a targeted peel selection for your needs with a concentrated Retinol Activator packed with retinol, anti-aging peptides and antioxidants to enhance your results and jumpstart the healing process.  


Individual skin care needs and treatment preferences vary widely and we have serval types of peels available to address a wide range. Come in for a free consultation and work with us to determine which type of peel best matches your lifestyle and the results you are looking to achieve. 

To learn more and see before and after pictures visit the Marini Peel System website.

Oxygen facial ‘The Madonna facial’ 

The oxygen facial, famously known as ‘the Madonna Facial’ is a 45 min in-clinic treatment with no downtown. Perfect to restore your skin after a long flight or to smooth and hydrate stressed skin, keeping make-up fresh for longer before a big event.


The Oxylight technology uses LED light and oxygen therapy to address a wide range of skin concerns that include redness, inflammation, fine lines, wrinkles, acne, scars, hyper pigmentation, enlarged pores, sagging skin and other signs of ageing.   

Results you can see

Clear + Brilliant laser

Screenshot 2018-09-15 10.56.43.png
Screenshot 2018-09-15 10.56.37.png

Professional peels

Screenshot 2018-09-13 10.19.42.png
Screenshot 2018-09-13 10.20.06.png
Screenshot 2018-09-13 10.19.34.png
Screenshot 2018-09-13 10.19.54.png
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