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Pre and postnatal treatments

Bounce back to your pre-pregnancy body with our specially designed pre and postnatal programs. Our treatments can target specific concerns, such as tummy tightening and stretch marks, or bundle multiple treatments to save up to 20%. Book a free consultation today to design a maternity program to suit your goals and budget.       

Happy Mother with her Child
Mama makeover

Face and body treatment program:
• Lymphatic drainage for the face and body
• Targeted firming treatment for the abdomen and waist
• Cellular regeneration for the face and neck
• Targeted treatment of puffiness and dark circles


Helena Frith Powell spent decades trying to eradicate stubborn stomach fat to no avail, but a new Tripolar machine 'sculpted' her tummy in just a few sessions - and its effects can last forever. Pictured (left) before and after treatment (right). Source:

Bundle and save up to 20%

Book a free consultation today to design a maternity program to suit your goals and budget.       

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Not sure what treatment is for you?

We offer free consultations because we understand there is a lot to consider when deciding what treatments are best for you. Many of our treatments are complimentary and done in the right sequence with proper pre and post care will give you better results. Book a free consultation today.

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